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BMW M3 (E93)
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BMW M3 (92)
BMW M3 (E93)

Transform the look and performance of your car with any of our stylish and tasteful headlight modifications. Though the possibilities are limitless, lets start with some examples of our most popular options below:

RWZ Nighthawk Flat Bottom Angel Eyes

A world's first on the E60 5 Series Platform, our NightHawk Angel Eyes changed the game. We have kits available for the BMW 1 Series, 3 Series and 5 Series. Contact us today for more information. 


Kits start at $200


Installation labor starts at $300

Orion LED Halo/Angel Eye Upgrades

Update the visual aesthetic of your car with Orion LED Halo/Angel Eye Upgrades. We offer these upgrades on nearly any vehicle. Some of our most popular angel eye options are: 


Orion V2 - $250 kit

Orion V4 - $350 kit


Installation labor starts at $300



Custom Paint & Color Accents

Want to transform the look of your vehicle and make it stand out from the norm in a tasteful yet personal way? We have many options, colors and finishes available for any vehicle and application. Contact us today for more information... 


Stand alone paint projects start at $300

Custom paint accents & upgrades as part of a larger project start at a discounted $200


Custom Hand-Laid Carbon Fiber Accents

Add a touch of high performance aesthetic to your project with our custom hand-laid carbon fiber accents. We offer standard 2x2 weave and eye-catching 4x4 weave carbon fiber accents. Each project is laid by hand, trimmed, clear resin coated and polished to perfection then topped with OEM quality UV clear coat to protect from yellowing or discoloration. These accents are for those who demand the ultimate level of detail and aesthetic quality for their custom project. 



Real carbon fiber weave accents start at $500

Feaux Projector Lens Upgrade

Replace that odd OEM inner/cornering lens with a crystal clear projector lens to upgrade the look of your lights. 


Cornering lens upgrades start at $200

High Performance Projector Lens Upgrade (Inner Lens)

Improve driving visibility and safety with this projector lens upgrade. We replace the inner lens and retrofit a full projector housing. With our custom wiring solution, this second projector will operate as your new high beam and flash-to-pass option. 


Projector Lens Assembly Retrofits start at $500

RWZ Custom Taillight Mods

Break necks while coming and going. Elevate above simple spray tint and demand more for your car. 



RWZ Blackline Mod for the BMW 3 Series

Republic Werkz Inc achieved what BMW never did for the E92/E93 3 Series family: The Blackline Taillight. 


Don't settle for spray tinting your taillights when our upgrade is 100% internal and retains that authentic OEM look and performance. 


RWZ Blackline Mod starts at $400 



RWZ Blackline Modified OEM LCI Taillights start at $1000

(includes new OEM BMW LCI taillights) 

RWZ Official Blackout Mod

The often imitated, never duplicated RWZ Blackout Mod for the E60 5 Series. This was pioneered by RWZ in Southern California and has had world-wide appeal. We take BMW OEM LCI taillights and recreate them into something eye catching and unique. 


RWZ Blackout Mod starts at $300

(labor only) 


RWZ Blackout Modified OEM Taillights start at $850

(includes new OEM BMW LCI taillights) 

RWZ Arc Reactor Blackout Mod

Take our world renowned RWZ Blackout Mod to the next level with an additional functional lighting aesthetic: the Arc Reactor. 


Our custom wiring solution allows this added light element to illuminate with the brake lights. 



Arc Reactor Taillight + Blackout Mod projects start at $500



Arc Reactor Taillight + Blackout Mod Tailligts start at $1050 

(includes new OEM BMW LCI taillights) 

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